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Passionate Hunters, our staff and partners offer wonderful hunting trips with targets such as Big Game - Stag, Roe, Fallow Deer, Chamois, Ibex, Boar..., Small Game - Pheasant, Partridge, Grouse, Woodcock, Hare, Rabbit... and Water Game - Duck, Goose... in France and in Europe.

 We also organise numerous turnkey  Safaris in Africa with locations such as Namibia, Tanzania and South-Africa.

 You will find nothing but Customizable Stays, organized in regards of your wishes : « The client is always at the center of the Relation... ».The territories are tested and selected with the highest rate of care, in order to offer Authentic Hunts... much greater in quality than these actual « Commercial Stays ».

We offer originality and quality in a Professional Environment.

 Simplicity, authenticity and conviviality will always rime with pleasure and enchantment.

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Big Game

Deers, Roebucks, Fallow Deers

Wild Sheeps, Ibex, Wild Boars

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 Big Game

For the Stag enthusiasts, you can practice the stalking hunt in France and in Europe : either during brame season or in winter. With a magnificent view over the Canigou in the Pyrenees, starting from the last days of September, you can witness Roaring Stags but you may also hunt the Izard.

If you are an amateur of big and beautiful Brocade trophies, we offer a distinguished and exclusif territory in the East of Hungary, where more than 30 trophies are collected every year.

For the Boar enthusiasts, I offer for you to go after some of the biggest trophies in all of Europe. You will roam a 13,000 hectare - over 32,000 acres - territory, half of which is entirely dedicated to Boar Stalking and from a Hide Hunting, as well as Big Animals.

Spain is a nearby destination filled with cynegetic ressources, Big Game to be more precise. And the biggest trophy is the Gredos Ibex, the most lyre shaped of all the Spanish Ibexes.

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Big Game - Deers


France - Europe

Big Game - Roebucks


France - Europe

Big Game - Wild Boars

Wild Boars

France - Europe

Big Game - Fallow Deers

Fallow Deers


Big Game - Wild Sheeps

Wild Sheeps


Big Game - Ibex


France - Europe

Small Game

Pheasants, Partridges, Grouses, Woodcocks

Ducks, Geese, Hares, Rabbits

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 Small Game

In France, located in Romorantin, near Sologne, the hunting grounds are constituted of lowlands, woods, ponds and wetlands.The 700 hectares - over 1700 acres - are specially furnished for the small game group hunts, with a minimum of 4 people or alone accompanied by your dog.

In Spain, not far from Madrid, I propose for you to hunt the Red-Legged Partridge and the Rabbit in an in front Hunt with a Pointing Dog. Under the Spanish sun and nearby the hunting grounds accommodations, all the conditions are ideal for an enjoyable and entertaining stay. Furthermore in Spain, it is also possible for you to hunt the Quail in the heart of the Mancha.

 In Ireland, in the magnificent county of Kerry, of the Munster province, well known for its Rhododendrons forests and its soft climat, i offer the mythical hunting of the Woodcock. Either with our dogs — Springer & Spaniel —, or with your pointing dog.

In Scotland, the in front hunt is physical since its being practiced on difficult territories during bad conditions. In order to enjoy the stay, being used to walking on uneven, soggy and rough grounds for several hours is preferable. We must not exaggerate the difficulties of hunting the Scottish Moors, but a good physical shape is after all necessary in order to hunt the legendary Grouse.

 If you are passionated by the hunt of Water Game, while also on the lookout for a destination not too far away : the Lacs on the Eastside of the Danube are the ideal destinations. Two exclusive hunting territories, specially dedicated to the Water Game, with lacs reaching up to thousands of acres, covered in reedbeds as far as the eye can see...

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Small Game - Pheasants


France - Spain

Small Game - Partridges


France - Spain

Small Game - Woodcocks


France - Scotland - Irland

Small Game - Ducks

Geese - Ducks

Scotland - Irland - Hungary

Small Game - Hares


France - Spain

Small Game - Quails


France - Spain

Safaris in Africa

Antelopes, Oryx, Wildebeest, Buffaloes

Zebras, Warthogs, Cheetahs, Leopards...

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Namibia is one of Africa’s safest countries.

There aren’t any geopolitical issues, and there is an excellent understanding between the different ethnic groups. No vaccines are required and direct flights to Windhoek, the capital, fly-off on a daily basis.

The 35,000 hectares (over 86,000 acres) wide hunting grounds are of a breathtaking beauty, with its tremendous spaces, endless horizons, its unspoiled and wild beaches, grand valleys, wavy dunes... This zone is part of the Kalahari white sands, covered by trees and forests on vast grasslands and shrubby savane. The animals there are in immense amounts.

Namibia is truly a space of liberty and nature. You will come back with vivid memories of beautiful colors and fascinating sceneries.

In general, the hunting season stretches from March until October.

Our partner does not receive numerous hunters at once and prevents animals that have not reached maturity from being removed, and still 70% of the trophies are qualifiable for a gold medal.

You will be received in an architecturally unique and confortable Lodge.

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Safaris - Antelopes



Safaris - Buffaloes



Safaris - Zebras



Safaris - Leopards



Safaris - Waterbucks



Safaris - Warthogs



Hunting species

South Africa - Namibia

Antelope Roan, Ostrich, Bubale, Buffalo, Caracal, Dik Dik, Elephant, Giraffe, Blue & Black Wildebeest, Greater Kudu, Cheetah, Hippopotamus, Impala, Jackal Black-backed, Leopard, Lion, Nyala, Oryx, Warthog, Zebra...

We also propose special stays for "novice" hunters and the culling hunt devotees.

Staff, Stays

Nicolas, Yann, Max, Aston, Éole...

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Our Catalog and Individual Sheets detailing our Stays and their Prices are constantly updated. The newest versions as well as the new accessible destinations appear progressively below.

You are free to download our General Catalog as well as our Individual Sheets below — classed by Countries and by Species. Everything is in PDF and available in duplex printing.

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For destinations in Eastern Countries such as Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Serbia, we can organize a carpool for up to five fully equipped hunters.

A Mercedes Viano type vehicle and its driver/interpreter will pick you up from home, in order to drive you directly to where you will be staying. No transfers, no waits, and above all, no stress!

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